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WE HAVE MOVED An exciting change

Cathy Brett is a former member and friend of the group as we are mentioned in the dedication of Verity Fibbs.

 Cathy says she has been scribbling stuff since she could hold a crayon - on paper, on walls, sometimes on her sister! At school she was hopeless at maths and cross-country running but quite good at scribbling and doodling (achieving A-Levels in both) She attended Doodling College then doodled professionally for a number of years - as a fashion illustrator, as a jet-setting spotter of global trends and as a consultant to the behemoths of the British high street - until trying children's book doodling and having a go at scribbling them too.
        She lectures in design and visits schools around the country, trying to convince students, teachers and parents that scribbling and doodling are proper jobs.
       Cathy’s first book Ember Fury was published in 2009. Her second book Scarlett Dedd followed in 2010 and in 2011 came Verity Fibbs. Ember Furry has been published German and Scarlett Dedd has just been published as in hardback in the United States. In the group we have just heard the opening chapter of her new book and can’t wait to read the finished book

CATHY BRETT’S NEW BOOK WAS  SUCCESSFULLY  LAUNCHED IN MAY  2013 AND THERE IS  NOW AN ENTHUSIASTIC  FOLLOWING WAITING  FOR THE NEXT. PH_Members Just Published RICHARD HOWARD’s Latest book If you’ve read his last book STRANGE TALES  you will have been waiting for this.  If you haven’t make sure you do! Phoenix_Home_page Ph_Events PH_links PH_Members