Meeting Dates 2017/18
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We meets in the evening at The Lincoln Arms,Dorking RH4 1TF.
Meetings are on the last Wednesday
of every month at 7.30.
If you are fed up with working alone and would welcome feedback, if you are a beginner uncertain where to start, what ever your ambitions, the group is here to support you and is looking for your support.

TO CONFIRM Contact No  01372 817353  


Hugh Timothy has been a member of Phoenix Writers’ for nearly 17 year and took over running the Group in 2002. He passed on the running of the group to a committee in 2014. This year sees the publication of 2 collections of his poetry ‘STEPPING INTO VERSE’ which is in fact a reprint of an earlier publication with added poems.

The new collection ‘SHAPES’ contains poetry not publish in his other collection, several of which have won national  competitions and some that have appeared in nation poetry magazines.

Hugh Timothy is in fact his nom de plume for writing Poetry. His real name being Tim Jenkins and just to confuse everybody he writes Prose and Plays under  

the name Kenneth Clelland. He was also the founder of Phoenix’s sister group MOLE VALLEY SCRIPTWRITING GROUP.

He also belongs to that rare group of writers who are Dyslexic. The list includes, F Scott Fitzgerald,  Agatha Christy and W B Yates to name but three.

Tim expresses the view that Dyslexia is more a blessing than a curse, in that it forces you to look at things in a different way. Dyslexia should never be an excuse for not writing.

Just Published
Latest book 
If you’ve read his first book 
you will have been waiting for this new one. 
If you haven’t make sure you do!

Richard Howard’s latest book of short stories Tales of the Lost brings us face to face with some very strange encounters and some unexpected twists along the way. Each story has its own unique world and is told in a very direct style. As the author says in his introduction, the themes for these later stories are darker in mood than his earlier works. The longest of them, Flora’s Return, was inspired by what the author regards as ‘the finest ghost story ever written’, The Turn of the Screw by Henry James.

Ghosts, vampires and the afterlife merge with the forces of nature and symbolic archetypes in these twelve highly original stories that run the gamut from darkness and death to innocence and hope. While rooted in this world, they reach into the beyond with the mystical insight of parable and myth that touches something deep within the unconscious.

The eminent composer, Alan Hovhaness, writes: “I greatly admire Richard Howard as a very fine and original writer. I cannot praise highly enough Tower Song. This I think is one of the great stories of all time and certainly should be published throughout the world.

Kenneth Clelland writes “I concur. It is only the illogical resistance to the short story that surely our busy world should embrace that has prevented Richard Howard becoming recognised   

as one of the greatest short story writer of the 21st century

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